New Providore Central Otago Wines Celebrate Region’s Coming of Age

Central Otago winery Providore Wines is bringing together winemaking’s old and new worlds with the launch of its new P Series Pinot Noir – a celebration of the popular winemaking region’s coming of age.

Providore’s new P Series reflects the contrast between nature and nurture in winemaking, with its Black Label speaking to the wild terrain of the Central Otago landscape and the ‘new world’ winemakers who first tamed it, while its White Label pays homage to the old world winemaking traditions from Burgundy and the origins of Pinot Noir.        

Providore, Central Otago,

“One of the unique aspects of winemaking is the interplay between nature and human intervention,” Providore Winemaker Jody Pagey says.

“At each step in the winemaking process you have the choice to intervene or not. Each choice causes a chain of events that results in the finished wine being a certain way. Down one path is the wine that reflects the hand of the winemaker and down the other a wine more reflective of its own journey.

“As we mature as a winemaking region, we see more wines that represent their own journey, rather than the winemaker’s. The P series is an exciting opportunity to explore this idea in more depth.”       

A specialist producer of quality Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and rosé wines grown and made exclusively in Aotearoa’s Central Otago region, Providore pays homage to the land it calls home, the winemakers who have come before and aims to give people a true taste of the region.

The special edition P Series is limited to just 1000 bottles, individually numbered, and is available from online or at selected retailers. In a nod to its traditional techniques, the White Label is also in cork. Each wine is priced at RRP $69.99.

rovidore P Series White Label Pinot PNoir 2019
Providore P Series White Label Pinot Noir 2019 – Fragrant and juicy red summer berries leap from the glass on first inspection. This theme continues in the glass with crisp, concentrated red berries and an ethereal texture. Minerality and concentration drive the bright fruit through to a long and balanced finish. The wine closes with purity and energy that slowly reveals the subtle oak and restrained tannin.
Providore P Series Black Label Pinot Noir 2019
Providore P Series Black Label Pinot Noir 2019 – An engaging blend of dark fruits and sweet smoky notes are immediately obvious on the nose. On the palate an embrace of concentrated red fruits holds together a core of ripe, fine grained tannins and a thread of toasty French oak. Mouth filling and full bodied, the mid pallet flows seamlessly into a powerful and concentrated finish. The dark fruit component carries long into the finish before finally conceding to the ample tannins and elegant oak elements.

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About Providore Wines

Award-winning winemakers Pete Bartle and Jody Pagey source the best fruit from all four corners of Central Otago’s diverse region, made up of a patchwork of microclimates, to create Providore’s selection of stunning wines. From the bright berry fruit of Gibbston to the dark fruit of Queensberry, Bannockburn’s ripe complexity and Alexandra’s dry herb textures — character shaped by craggy mountains and tranquil lakes, gentle slopes and contrasting soils – combined, they form a complex palate of flavours that paint a picture you can taste.

The name Providore means supplier and our intent is just that — to provide people with a true taste of our world. Our privilege is to live in this region and to live amongst people and an environment that is constantly evolving. Together we are learning to live better with the land that gifts us our lifestyle and our livelihood.

We are Providore — dedicated to our craft and providing for our region

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