New Zealand Winegrowers launches 2022 Sustainability Report

New Zealand Winegrowers have released their 2022 Sustainability Report, providing a snapshot of the New Zealand wine industry’s sustainability journey.

The report measures and communicates the New Zealand wine industry’s commitment and progress across six key focus areas of sustainability: climate, water, waste, soil, plant protection, and people.

Credit. NZ Winegrowers – Maori Point Vineyard

Showcasing data collected from the 1840 vineyards and 310 wineries certified under the Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) programme, the report highlights how sustainability differentiates the New Zealand wine industry on the world stage.

“The New Zealand wine industry has rightfully earned its place as one of the most progressive wine producing nations in the world. With the data we have available from SWNZ, we have a unique opportunity to tell our wine sustainability story at a time when caring for people and place is so aligned to our customer’s values,” says Dr Edwin Massey, General Manager of Sustainability at New Zealand Winegrowers.

“Over 96% of all vineyard area in New Zealand is now certified as sustainable through the SWNZ programme, with 10% of New Zealand wineries holding organic certification. It’s an achievement we can be proud of, but the real work is ensuring we not only sustain but elevate our position with an enduring commitment to continuous improvement.”

The report is released just in time for Earth Day 2022 on Friday 22 April, the theme of which is Invest In Our Planet, with a focus on how the world takes action on climate. The industry goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 has the New Zealand wine industry firmly committed to a low emissions pathway, and exciting developments in vineyards and in wineries are already well underway.

“It’s the positive individual actions of New Zealand wine businesses that add up to make a big impact across the wine industry, and that are helping to deliver lasting change.”

“For our growers and wineries, sustainability means growing grapes and producing our world famous wines in such a way that we can do so for generations to come. Every little bit counts. It means consumers can trust that their bottle of New Zealand wine has been made with respect for our world and for our people.”

Find the New Zealand Winegrowers Sustainability Report 2022 online here:

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