Star Wine List launches Guide To NZ Wine Bars, Restaurants

Star Wine List, the award-winning guide to great wine bars and wine restaurants, has revealed the wine lover’s guide to New Zealand. Local top sommelier, Maciej Zimny, has curated the selection of 10 wine restaurants and wine bars.

Star Wine List, NZ Wine Bars

”I feel very privileged, and I’m happy to help. I see this as a great step for New Zealand, the new kid on the block in the wine world, and a great way to help the hospitality scene in the country. I also look forward to being part of this community and getting connected with all these ambassadors around the world,” says Maciej Zimny, Star Wine List’s ambassador in New Zealand.

Star Wine List,, is the wine lovers guide to great wine bars and wine restaurants. It was started in Stockholm in 2017 and is now live in more than 30 countries with wine guides covering some of the major cities and wine regions in the world. All venues are selected by top wine professionals.

Star Wine List, NZ Wine Bars

“We are very excited to launch our guide to New Zealand with Maciej Zimny and Vintec. Star Wine List is used by many wine lovers in New Zealand and around the world – and I can’t wait to visit these places myself!” says Krister Bengtsson, Star Wine List’s founder and publisher.

Check out the Star Wine List New Zealand selection on or on the app.

Vintec, the leading expert brand in climate-controlled wine cabinets and cellars, is Star Wine List’s partner for the launch of the guide to the best wine places in New Zealand. For many of the restaurants and bars, you will find their updated wine lists on, and you can even search for particular wines and see where they are listed with our new Premium Membership.

Visit the NZ Wine Directory list of NZ Wine Bars below.

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