WC4RC – Wine Community for Raymond Chan

Our dear friend and respected wine writer Raymond Chan, requires expensive cancer treatment and needs the wine community’s help to get it.

Raymond Chan knows wine. He’s a well-known personality of the New Zealand Wine Community. He’s been tasting wine and writing reviews for many years, to the benefit of a significant number of vineyards, wineries, brands, individuals and the wine-loving public across the country.

Raymond Chan

Let’s all Help Raymond Chan get the help he needs!

Sadly, Raymond also knows cancer. He needs our support to fund treatment with the incredibly expensive drug Keytruda. Sadly, he’s not covered by Pharmac for this, as his cancer is not melanoma, so these sessions – for which he may need a good few – are around $9,000 per treatment.

Please contribute as much as you can for Raymond, and partner Sue Davies, to continue treatment. They have already paid for sessions and have now exhausted all financial resources.


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