Wine People Launch New Marlborough Wine Internships

Wine People, the founders of a new wine internship, hope to kick-start careers in Marlborough this summer, offering work and training from vines to wines, logistics to cellar doors.

Wine People co-owner Tayla Walker says the 18-month Wine People Internship has been developed to increase pathways into the wine industry, grow training for new wine workers, and ease labour pressure for wine companies.

Wine People - Kathryn & Tayla Walker
Wine People – Kathryn & Tayla Walker

She established Wine People with her mother Kathryn Walker, who was formerly Chief Executive of a large Marlborough wine company, after the duo saw opportunity to mentor new wine workers while liaising with education providers and wine companies.

The internship, starting in January 2024, offers training through Te Pukenga – Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology and the Primary ITO – and work opportunities in a range of Marlborough wine companies, from boutique to major. In the first year, interns will have a taste of vineyard, cellar and vintage work, as well as experiences in the likes of cellar door, nursery, and logistics operations.

In the second year they will focus on areas they are best suited to, says Tayla. “The whole point of this is to open more pathways to people coming into the industry.” The Walkers plan to start the process with 12 to 16 interns this summer.

Based in the region of Marlborough, New Zealand, we’re proud to be a vibrant hub for talent recruitment for the wine industry and our vintages. We believe that finding the right people is crucial for creating exceptional vintages, and we’re dedicated to matching skilled individuals with wine opportunities.

We’re also working hard behind the scenes to develop a broader wine industry qualification with industry-leading training that touches on multiple fields in wine. We’re passionate about driving positive change and infusing the industry with fresh perspectives, while empowering aspiring wine people to excel in their careers.

In addition to our recruitment and training endeavors, we’re producers and agents for New Zealand premium bulk wine sales. Connecting wineries all over the world and sharing what our remarkable wine country has to offer!

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