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As tourist numbers to New Zealand continue to grow, the WineCaseNZ app has just been released so that visitors can easily select, purchase and ship a mixed case of their favourite wines home.

WineCaseNZ has over 500 of the country’s top wines from more than 100 wineries from Waiheke Island though to Central Otago and every wine region in between. WineCaseNZ ships to more than 40 countries across the world with a fully inclusive service covering insurance, duties, taxes and guaranteed delivery to the door.

WineCaseNZ founder Rick Nelson has been working on the app for more than two years. He says the time was spent ensuring WineCaseNZ is simple to use and offers the largest possible selection of New Zealand’s best wines.

The result is an app that makes it easy to find Cellar Doors, their opening times, winery restaurant hours and to buy wine. This is particularly helpful for travellers as they tour and taste their way across the length and breadth of New Zealand. Because the app was developed to work offline, it means people can still add to their selection from remote spots without a data connection.

Rick says inspiration for WineCaseNZ came from his experience as a wine retailer and tourism operator at The Winery in Queenstown. “Our customers tell us they enjoy sharing a wide variety of wines at home with friends and telling them about their special time in New Zealand. The wines they buy are usually from multiple regions and wineries.”

“I could see there was a gap in the market for people who want a mixed case of wines from their travels. The app provides an opportunity for those tourists who don’t want to commit their total wine spend at one Cellar Door. A case could have 12 different wines from 12 different wineries if they like.”

“Many small and boutique wineries don’t have a cellar door and even our largest wineries have wines that are produced in such limited quantities that they aren’t exported. Those can be the special and exclusive wines that many of our customers buy and we wanted to provide a global shipping solution for that.”

“Tourists on a wine tour, bike tour or just travelling the country often regret not buying wine at the first place when they know they’ve still got more wineries to visit. Even for Kiwis going back to revisit special wineries isn’t always possible but with the app people just add, edit and adjust wines in the selection as they go. We think locals are also going to enjoy the app to because they don’t need to carry bottles around in a hot car or on their bike. There is no hassle because we deliver it straight to their home and it’s all at Cellar Door prices.”


  • App allows people to buy a mixed case of 12 bottles
  • More than 500 wines to choose from
  • More than 100 of New Zealand’s best wineries and Cellar Doors listed
  • Ships to more than 40 countries
  • Free to download from the App Store and Google Play or


WineCaseNZ is a great tool to help visitors find their way around the country’s top Cellar Doors. It offers map directions and details on opening hours and amenities for the country’s leading Cellar Doors along with the vineyard locations of many boutique producers.

Simply download WineCaseNZ from the App Store or Google Play and look up wineries by name or find them through their region or the variety of wines they produce.


WineCaseNZ is simple and easy to use with a user interface common to navigating most apps. Once the app has been downloaded there are four simple steps to getting a case of New Zealand wine shipped to more than 40 countries.

  • Find the Cellar Doors using the New Zealand map or search filters
  • Select a wine and add as many bottles as you wish
  • Add and edit wines until the perfect case is created
  • Enter your deliver address and place your order via a secure payment

Orders are managed by that powers the backend logistics.

As well as being used while tourists are visiting New Zealand they can keep it on their phone and order time and time again.

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