12 Months of NZ Rosés Tasted by JB, for NZ Rosé Day

Today is New Zealand Rosé day so I thought I’d take a look back at the last 20 Rosés I have tasted and reviewed – they are in order of ‘last tasted first’ going back to 2023. There’s a link for each one so you can purchase online if my notes tickle your palate – some may of may not be sold out but check them out, you never know.

Image Courtesy of NZ Wine Growers – Visit https://www.nzwine.com/en/media/story/nz-rose-day-2024/

If you’d like your wines reviewed visit: https://nzwinedirectory.co.nz/about/submit-wine-for-review/

Happy Rosé Day & Cheers


Lake Chalice ‘The Falcon’ Rosé 2020 Marlborough / Hawke’s Bay NZ
Pale Salmon pink in colour with a slight oily viscosity. Bright florals then raspberry & strawberry aromas on the nose with a wee hint of spice. Flavours of peach, juicy red berries & melon on the palate, a crisp acidity & fine tannins, a pear skin textural element & spice notes adding interest. Long dry, nicely balanced finish. A delicious summer sip. Runner Up to the Champion Rosé at the 2023 Global Fine Wine Challenge. RRP: $22.00 https://www.lakechalice.com/

Floray Wines ‘Sama’ Pinot Noir Rose 2022, Masterton Wairarapa NZ
Light salmon pink in colour, pale orange hues, medium bodied, light haze & some fine sediment present. Aromas of cherry, plum & spice on the nose – slight leesy notes. On the palate, more cherry & plum fruit, a bright acid backbone & fine, slightly chalky tannins adding depth, Long fresh finish, a juicy crisp Rosé with a bit of weight. 10-5 & 777 clones of Pinot Noir from Maggie’s Vineyard were de-stemmed, macerated for 4 hours, gently pressed & fermented in tanks, aged in old French oak barrels on light lees, bottled unfined & unfiltered. Unfortunately Floray is no longer producing this but some may still be available at Boutique Connection or contact Floray on Instagram. RRP:$32.00 https://www.instagram.com/floray_wines/

Blackenbrook Wines Pinot Rosé 2023, Nelson NZ
Bright translucent raspberry, red-cherry coloured, medium bodied. Enticingly fragrant nose filled with aromas of summer raspberries, strawberries, red currants & spice. The palate is concentrated with lots of red berry fruit flavours, with a crunchy acid backbone, although almost bone dry (3gms) has a creamy mouthfeel from a little lees aging & a nicely balanced, refreshing finish – serve slightly chilled. Juicy Summer Rose. RRP:$26.00 https://www.blackenbrook.co.nz/

Whitehaven The Daughters ‘Pinot Noir Rosé’ 2020, Marlborough NZ
Pretty pale salmon pink in colour, creamy mousse on pouring, persistent tiny bead. Hints of summer with pink & red berries, then nutty, leesy, creamy aromas on the nose. A crisp acidity initially on the palate then juicy flavours of summer berries, a subtle hint of spice, creamy mouthfeel on the tongue, then a long, concentrated & absolutely delicious off-dry finish. Excellent. Latest release of this Pinot Noir M/T only 1,150 bottles produced. 2019 still available online RRP:$45.00 https://whitehaven.co.nz/

Rockburn ‘Stolen Kiss’ Pinot Noir Rosé 2023, Central Otago NZ
Med salmon pink in colour, clear & bright, medium bodied. Sweet smoker-lolly, toffee-apple, strawberry & cherry aromas in the nose. On the palate there’s lashings of red berry, spice & more toffee apple flavours – the mouthfeel is silky & creamy, a subtle acidity balanced with 12grams RS, all resulting in a most delicious, very quaff-able Rosé. RRP:$32.00 https://www.rockburn.co.nz/

No.1 Family Estate Rosé NV Marlborough NZ. (100% Pinot Noir)
Gorgeous medium salmon pink with bright copper hues, creamy mousse & a fine bead. Fresh strawberry & raspberry aromas in the nose then creamy / nutty notes. The palate is all about summer berry flavours, a crisp zesty acidity, seems bone dry initially but there’s a residual fruit sweetness right across the palate. Long concentrated finish. A first class, very elegant Pinot Rosé with depth & character. RRP:$49.00 Available online from: https://www.no1familyestate.co.nz/

Misha’s Vineyard ‘The Soloist’ Pinot Noir Rosé 2023, Central Otago NZ
Bright, translucent raspberry / watermelon flesh red in colour, clear & bright. An enticing aromatic nose of raspberries, strawberries, spice & smoker lollies (is that a thing?) On the palate there are succulent flavours of summer berry fruit: raspberry, cranberry & strawberry, a crunchy acidity & softer tannins all finish long and off dry – Perfect Rosé for sipping with friends, on the deck watching spring sunsets! RRP:$30.00 https://mishasvineyard.com

Saorsa Wines ‘Rosé of Syrah’ 2022, Hawke’s Bay NZ
Soft salmon pink in colour with pale copper hues. Lovely florals in the nose, sweet strawberry & cream aromas & white pepper / spice notes. Bone dry with a ‘crisp as’ slightly tart acidity on the palate, lovely berry fruit intensity, nicely textured from gentle oak / malo / sur lee influence & minimal filtering / fining on bottling. Could sip this all night. Gorgeous bottle with glass stopper too. Delish & a must try! RRP:$32.00 https://saorsawines.co.nz/

Alcove Wines 100% Organic Syrah, Single Vineyard Rosé 2022, Marlborough NZ
The first release from this new label by owners Mike and Zana Whittaker. Just one acre, 38 rows of premium clone 877 Syrah grapes, close planted in old-world style. Deep salmon pink in colour with copper hues, medium bodied. An enticing nose with fragrant aromas of cherry, red berries & subtle oak spice. Luscious red berry & cherry flavours on the palate are supported with a crisp ‘ green apple’ acidity, while fine oak & silky tannins all add depth and complexity. Juicy fruit-focused very moreish finish. Yum! RRP:$32.00 https://www.thealcove.co.nz/

Ataahua Wines Pinot Noir Rosé 2021, Waipara NZ
Mid salmon pink in colour with copper hues, medium bodied wine. Slightly floral nose with aromas of raspberries & strawberries predominant. Crisp, fresh palate filled with sweet red berry & cherry fruit flavours, a crunchy acidity & fine grippy mouthfeel, finishes off-dry with a lovely lingering residual sweetness. Excellent. RRP:$28.00 https://www.ataahuawine.co.nz/

Weekend Wines ‘Tickled Pink’ Rose, Pinot Noir2022, Central Otago
Second wine from Weekend Wines – Bright & clear, dark ruby / raspberry red in colour, paler at the rim. The nose is filled with aromas of red berries, plum, cherry & a subtle spice note. Lighter on the palate with the red fruit flavours & spice predominant, lovely silky tannins & a zesty acidity that tickles the taste-buds, slight green-herb / savoury note in the background, bone dry finish. Fresh & tasty. 100% Organic Central Otago Pinot Noir 75% de-stemmed / 25% whole bunch, macerated in tank for 5 days to extract colour pressed in tank, clean juice to barrel / stainless for ferment, natural malolactic fermentation, 4 months on lees to settle before racking / bottling.
RRP: $30.00 https://weekendwines.co.nz/

Terrace Edge Rose 2022, North Canterbury NZ
Bright salmon pink in colour with copper hues, medium bodied. Lovely fragrant aromas of strawberries, cherries with creamy & spice notes in the nose. A succulent palate with concentrated flavours of red berries & cherries, a zesty acid backbone but balanced with creamy textural elements from extended skin contact. A long juicy but dry finish. Yum! 60% Syrah / 40% Pinot Noir CHAMPION, NZ Organic Wine Awards 2023 RRP: $24.00 Available online from https://terraceedge.co.nz/

October 30 Syrah Rosé 2022, Matakana NZ
Clear salmon pink with copper hues, medium bodied. Fragrant nose of cherry & raspberry aromas with a slight savoury earthy note. The palate is all about the fruit, with plum, cherry & strawberries ‘n cream flavours, then a little tart acidity & a hint of pepper. Crisp & dry but fruity finish. 100% Syrah crushed & pressed, no skin contact, organic plant based yeast & fermented in stainless tank. Very refreshing drop. RRP: $28.50 Available from: https://october30.nz/

Outside The Box Wines ‘Rosé 3 Way’ 2021, Marlborough NZ
Light orange in colour with copper hues, very faint haze / solids in the bottle. Well chilled, nice floral nose with red berry & cherry aromas, strawberries and cream! Refreshing palate with raspberry, cherry & spice flavours, quite a juicy acidity, nicely textured with subtle oak influence, creamy yet dry on the finish. Made from Pinot Noir & a splash of Gewurztraminer in 3 styles – a Cold Ferment, a Chardonnay Inspired Ferment, a Carbonic Maceration, Malolactic Fermentation & Subtle Oak – Mouth-watering & most enjoyable, I highly recommend it. Great value at RRP:$30.00 too. Visit: https://outsidetheboxwines.co.nz/the-wines/

Silver Wing Wines ‘Nada’ Ceramic Pinot Noir Rosé 2022, Waipara NZ
Lightly chilled – Lovely pale orange coloured with copper hues, lighter bodied wine (a tiny bit of sediment). Fresh red berry-fruit aromas in the nose, a little mineral note, smoker lollies? Vibrant palate with more juicy red berry fruit flavours, a crisp acidity, wet stone minerality & a dry long finish. 100% Pinot Noir Organically grown fruit from vines planted in 2007 on the home block in Waipara, hand-picked whole bunch pressed fermented in a 675 L ceramic egg & no additions. A very drinkable Rose. RRP:$39.00 https://silverwingwines.co.nz/

Dancing Water Rosé 2020, Waipara, NZ
An interesting blend of Scheurebe & Malbec varieties, first tasted last year. Very pale pink almost straw coloured wine. The nose is still quite fragrant, pear & spice predominant, smoke & forest / herb notes. A lighter viscosity on the palate, stone-fruit & nashi pear flavours, a hint of spice, the acidity has softened, as have the tannins, silky textured, a long off-dry finish. Still drinking well but has lost the vibrancy of it’s youth – I say chill lightly and enjoy now! RRP:$25.00 https://www.dww.co.nz/

m.a.u. wines ‘Pink Ensemble’ Rosé, 2022, Clevedon NZ
Merlot / Malbec / Cabernet Franc blend. Very pale salmon-pink coloured wine – a lighter viscosity (legs) present, medium bodied. The nose is fragrant with aromas of sweet apple, red berries & a savoury herb note. On the palate there’s a crisp acidity, flavours of sweet red berries & a hint of spice, “apple skin” textural / mineral elements and a long, intense bone-dry finish. A delicious wine to start with for NZ Rosé Day . RRP:$30.00 https://mauwines.co.nz/

Orchard Lane Rosé, 2022, Marlborough NZ
A blend of Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir & Riesling from Sugar Loaf Wines. Mid watermelon pink in colour with copper hues, clean and bright. The nose provides aromas of apple, pear, citrus & a subtle hint of red berries. A soft, rounded palate with pear, stone-fruit, citrus & berry flavours & fresh acidity all nicely textured & in balance. Medium length off-dry finish – A lovely wee drop for ‘end of summer’ evening sips. Probably should have kept it for Rosé Day next month. Mostly destined for the export market but check your local supermarket. RRP:$16.00 http://www.orchardlanewines.com/

McArthur Ridge ‘Lilico’ Pinot Noir Rosé 2021, Central Otago NZ
Shiny pale orange / pink in color with coppery hues, medium bodied, again good legs. Lovely fresh aromas of strawberry, cherry, red currant fill the nose with subtle spice & floral notes. The palate is concentrated & crisp with flavours of cherry, red apple, red berries, stone-fruit all supported with a zesty acidity & layers of texture, 14% alcohol adding warmth & depth. A long juicy finish. A really fresh, tasty rosé and a bargain at RRP:$26.00 https://www.mcarthurridge.nz/

Dancing Water Rosé 2022, North Canterbury / Central Otago NZ
Light watermelon pink in colour with bright copper hues, medium bodied with a light viscosity. The nose is delightful with aromas of stone-fruit, lemons, pears, summer berries & cream. The palate is full, rounded & concentrated with juicy fruit flavours reflecting the nose, a zesty acidity & lovely creamy textures all melded into one. Long complex & absolutely delicious finish. Fabulous! A limited release ‘assemblage’ of Nth Canterbury Pinot Noir & Chardonnay and Central Otago Pinot Gris – just 1981 bottles produced so will sell out quickly. RRP:$25.00 https://www.dww.co.nz/

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