Featured Winery of the Month Sept 2023 – Saorsa Wines

Freedom – Liberty – Salvation

Saorsa is ‘micro-small’ family-owned wine producer with each Montaperto – Hendry chipping in to make it a success. Alex has worked in the vines and cellars since leaving school and moving to Hawke’s Bay where he met his wife Hana who is a qualified stainless steel engineer.

‘Saorsa’ is a term to describe a radical sense of freedom that represents their philosophy completely. Their aim is to produce honest and sincere wines that are free to sing their own song and truly express themselves and the sites they are grown.

“Wines of great balance and texture, using what nature provides… time and thought.”

At Saorsa Wines they make small production wines by hand in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay. They select specific sites that not only have the greatest attributes for exceptional quality but also a unique individuality that manifests in the wine itself.

Production is with the lightest of hands, in a traditional manner using everything the grapes bring with them without industrial manipulation and additives.

Hana and Alex

Welcome to the absolute full throttle, daily life of us. We share ourselves unapologetically, uncensored and unfiltered on here as WE are Saorsa. Actually without you lot there is no Saorsa so we are always grateful and thankful for you guys!

Hana & Alex

As well as running Saorsa wines Alex is also the Head Winemaker and Viticulturist and Manager at Linden Estate Winery, which was also badly damaged / flooded by the cyclone that devastated a huge area of the Hawke’s Bay wine region in February.

At the moment this is rather a ‘silty job’ with insane added pressure. ‘He’s a beautiful weapon and is working hard with a team to winch up the vineyards and resurrect them post cyclone.” Says Hana .

Hana is a Sheet Metal Engineer by trade, a Volunteer Firefighter by night, at the moment a stay at home / work from home Mum doing the H&S bits and bobs that have to be done at The Engineering Company.

Saorsa was badly affected by the recent cyclone too with damage & flooding to their home, winery and vineyards. Hana is now also coping with emergency work post cyclone for her old mahi, whilst battling insurance for their little house that became a boat in the cyclone.

After hours and on the weekend they make Saorsa their true passion and stance and calling in the Wine Industry. So many friends and volunteers saved Saorsa from the silt they are forever grateful!

Both Alex and Hana have been working so hard helping with the recovery and fundraising for those affected in the region – huge Kudos to them both.

Follow their cyclone story on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/saorsawines/

Alex and Hana have 3 kids, Taj, Isla and Wolfegang and a Thai Ridgeback X Sailor (Mad age gaps all sensational wild animals and all help with Saorsa. They live by the beach and have worked their derrière’s off to invest in some property for their family’s future! We will always try to do what we can for our friends, family and community – United they stand is their motto!

Want to see the Saorsa family in action? Be sure to head over to Instagram, where you’ll find them @saorsawines.

They currently have 3 wines available for purchase on the website – here’s a wee taster but do visit the website for more details about the wines, vineyards, vintage and technical notes.

2021 Saorsa Syrah – Aromatic notes of rose petals and dried herbs layered upon liquorish, smoke and earth. Fresh and lively with a seductive silky finish. Our wines are produced with oxygen exposure and develop greatly once opened. Decanting the wines will allow them to truly express themselves

2021 Saorsa Cornerstone Vineyard Viognier – A profoundly rich wine that is all about texture. Peach, apricot and crème brûlée with subtle jasmine and reed notes. Rich and oily texture with luscious stonefruit and a toasted baking spice finish.

2022 Saorsa Rosé of Syrah – Crisp and seductive. Aromatic strawberries and cream, watermelon and rose hip with delicate hints of pepper still lingering on the nose. Bone dry, textured, opulent and completely for the love of Syrah!

Visit: https://saorsawines.co.nz/

JB’s Tasting notes

Saorsa Wines ‘Cornerstone Vineyard’ Viognier 2021, Hawke’s Bay NZ
Bright, shiny yellow-gold in colour, nice oily viscosity. Fragrant nose with floral, stone-fruit (apricot, peach) aromas and a nutty, creamy note. The palate is medium weighted, complex & layered with ripe fruit flavours reflecting the nose, juicy ‘grapefruit’ acidity & subtle oak / spice textural elements: a long, dry, concentrated & really luscious finish. If you like this variety I highly recommend trying this one – excellent!

Saorsa Wines ‘Rosé of Syrah’ 2022, Hawke’s Bay NZ
Soft salmon pink in colour with pale copper hues. Lovely florals in the nose, sweet strawberry & cream aromas & white pepper / spice notes. Bone dry with a ‘crisp as’ slightly tart acidity on the palate, lovely berry fruit intensity, nicely textured from gentle oak / malo / sur lee influence & minimal filtering / fining on bottling. Could sip this all night. Gorgeous bottle with glass stopper too. Delish & a must try!

Saorsa Wines Syrah 2021, Hawke’s Bay NZ
Deep black-cherry coloured wine, paler / translucent at the rim. Concentrated nose with immediate savoury herb, earth & subtle smoke notes then dark plum & berry fruit aromas follow. On the palate this is a robust, textural, chewy wine with big velvety tannins, dark berry fruit flavours, pepper, a good whack of acidity & a warming 14% abv. Mouth watering long, intense, bone-dry finish. Wonderful Winter Wine. Highly recommend you grab one or two to put away for a few years!

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