Marlborough Wine Show 2022 Awards 45 Gold Medals

With judging complete for the 2022 Marlborough Wine Show, sponsored by QuayConnect, 45 gold medals have been awarded to Marlborough wines. Of particular note is that 17 of the 45 gold medal wines are single vineyard wines and were therefore eligible for The Coterie Provenance Trophy, which recognises the highest pointed single vineyard current release wine from any variety class.

In total there were 115 single vineyard wines entered in this year’s Provenance class, one of the largest increases over previous years.

Guest judge Australian Master of Wine Annette Lacey says the Marlborough Museum Legacy category, where three wines of the same variety over a 10-year period are judged, was one of her personal highlights.

Guest judge Australian Master of Wine Annette Lacey - Marlborough Wine Show
Guest judge Australian Master of Wine Annette Laceycredit Richard Briggs Photography

“The quality of the Pinot Noirs was special, especially in the legacy category, showing Marlborough Pinot Noir has that ability to age over the 10-year span and I was impressed seeing the maturation, evolution and vintage variation.”  

Vintage variation within Sauvignon Blancs also impressed Ms. Lacey and she believed the Australian consumer will be happy to buy the latest wines from this region. “Let’s be honest here. If it has Marlborough on the label people will buy it.”

And Ms. Lacey said the focus on subregions within the Marlborough Wine show was a learning curve for her.

“Marlborough is quite a complex region, and you don’t really think about it until you separate it into the climatic and geographical sites, it was great, I feel I got my head around it a lot more.”

Another section that impressed was the alternative varieties. “I think there is a lot of hope for those alternative varietals. We saw some great wines in this emerging category.”

Ben Glover and Stu Marfell - Marlborough Wine Show
Ben Glover and Stu Marfell – credit Richard Briggs Photography

Jaron McLeod, General Manager of QuayConnect, congratulates the 45 gold medal winners announced today. “Wine from the Marlborough region is truly outstanding, congratulations to the well-deserved winners announced today. QuayConnect is proud to sponsor the Marlborough Wine Show to further express our commitment and support for the wine industry in the region. We look forward to celebrating the industry at the celebration lunch and announcing the QuayConnect champion wine of the show.”

All medal results were announced to wineries today with trophies to be announced at the upcoming Celebration Lunch where the Wine Marlborough Lifetime Achievement Award will also be presented to a member of the wine industry who has made an extraordinary contribution to Marlborough Wine.

The Team.

The Gold Medal Winners Are:

  • Awatere River Chardonnay 2019
  • Bladen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2022
  • Bladen Marlborough The Sum of Us 2022
  • Brancott Estate Letter Series O Chardonnay 2021
  • Deutz Blanc de Blancs 2018
  • Deutz Prestige Cuvée 2017
  • Duck Hunter Marlborough Pinot Gris 2022
  • Framingham Pinot Noir 2021
  • Giesen Single Vineyard Clayvin Chardonnay 2018
  • Giesen Single Vineyard Clayvin Syrah 2021
  • Grove Mill Sauvignon Blanc 2022
  • Honorary Lilac Vines Gewürztraminer 2021
  • Hunter’s Offshoot Chardonnay Marlborough 2020
  • Hunter’s Riesling Marlborough 2022
  • Isabel Estate Marlborough Pinot Noir 2021
  • Isabel Estate Marlborough Wild Barrique Chardonnay 2021
  • K?parepare Marlborough Pinot Noir Rosé 2022
  • Lake Chalice The Falcon Riesling 2021
  • Lake Chalice The Raptor Pinot Noir 2021
  • Lake Chalice The Raptor Sauvignon Blanc 2021
  • Lands and Legends Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2022
  • Lawson’s Dry Hills Gewürztraminer 2020
  • Leefield Station Pinot Noir 2021
  • Marisco Vineyards ‘The King’s A Sticky End’ Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2021
  • Marisco Vineyards ‘The King’s Wrath’ Pinot Noir 2021
  • Nautilus Clay Hills Pinot Noir 2019
  • Rapaura Springs Reserve Pinot Gris 2022
  • Rapaura Springs Single Vineyard Bouldevines Vineyard Chardonnay 2020
  • Russian Jack Sauvignon Blanc 2022
  • Saint Clair James Sinclair Pinot Gris 2021
  • Saint Clair Pioneer Block 28 Camp Block Pinot Blanc 2019
  • Stoneleigh Latitude Sauvignon Blanc 2022
  • te Pa Oke Sauvignon Blanc 2020
  • The Ned Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2021
  • TOHU Raiha Reserve Noble Riesling 2016
  • TOHU Rewa Méthode Traditionelle Blanc de Blancs 2016
  • TOHU Whenua Awa Pinot Noir 2019
  • Vavasour Papa Sauvignon Blanc 2021
  • Vavasour Sauvignon Blanc 2022
  • Wairau River Estate Marlborough Summer Riesling 2022
  • Wairau River Reserve Marlborough Gewürztraminer 2022
  • Wither Hills Cellar Collection Foudre Sauvignon Blanc 2019
  • Yealands Estate Single Vineyards P.G.R 2021
  • Yealands Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2022
  • Yealands Single Block L5 Sauvignon Blanc 2022

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About The Marlborough Wine Show

Marlborough Wine Show, sponsored by QuayConnect, is run by Wine Marlborough Ltd to promote sub regionality and diversity of wines grown in New Zealand’s largest wine region. The Marlborough Wine Show reviews and assesses entries using panels of experienced judges and rewards top-performing wines with trophies, gold, silver, and bronze medals. The show provides a relevant, credible platform for Marlborough producers to promote their wines and is also a celebration of excellence – not only of Marlborough wines, but the local industry as a whole.

2022 Gold Medals by varietal class

  • Sparkling 3
  • Sauvignon Blanc – 2022 8
  • Sauvignon Blanc – 2021 & Older 2
  • Sauvignon Blanc – Alternate Style 2
  • Riesling 3
  • Pinot Gris 3
  • Gewürztraminer 3
  • Other White Wines 3
  • Sweet Wines 3
  • Chardonnay – current 4
  • Chardonnay – older 2
  • Rosé 1
  • Other Red Wine 1
  • Pinot Noir – current 5
  • Pinot Noir – older 2

Thanks for the support from to all the trophy sponsors:

  • Vitis & Winemakers Champion Sparkling Wine
  • WineWorks Champion Sauvignon Blanc 2022
  • WineWorks Champion Sauvignon Blanc 2021 & Older
  • Wine Marlborough Champion Alternate Style Sauvignon Blanc
  • De Sangosse NZ Champion Riesling
  • Label & Litho Champion Pinot Gris
  • Wine Brokers New Zealand Champion Gewürztraminer
  • Move Freight Champion Other White Wine
  • Barrel Finance & Logistics Champion Sweet Wine
  • MRC Champion Chardonnay Current Vintage
  • MRC Champion Chardonnay 2019 & Older
  • Scenic Hotel Marlborough Champion Rosé
  • Wine Marlborough Champion Other Red Wine
  • Classic Oak Products Champion Pinot Noir Current Vintage
  • Classic Oak Products Champion Pinot Noir 2019 & Older
  • Vit Management Ltd Best Organic Wine
  • The Coterie Wine of Provenance
  • Marlborough Museum Legacy Award
  • QuayConnect Champion Wine of the Show
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