New Zealand International Wine Show Medals Announced

The results from the NZ International Wine Show are up online and we have had the usual calls from wine producers this week. Most are delighted, after all there were more gold and double gold medals awarded than ever before.

When you go through the list you find numerous wines that sell for over $100, some nearly $200. But there’s also many absolute bargains. What we did establish was the excellent quality of the aromatic wines from 2023 in Marlborough. It was such an important region for our wine production and of course Sauvignon Blanc is not just our most important variety – daylight is second.

We had 203 wines entered into the Sauvignon Blanc class – about half were from 2023, the others older but mostly from 2022. The result 2 Double Gold, 27 gold medals and of that total just two were from 2022. That’s a great result for current vintage wines.

There are excellent bargains in Chardonnay, Riesling, Syrah and Bordeaux reds. And while there was a massive 235 entries in Pinot Noir resulting in 7 Double Golds and 33 gold medals, the judges have mostly rewarded wines that have excellent quality but also a higher price.

All the Trophies will be announced at the Awards Event on Friday 13th October at the Crowne Plaza.

Judging Explained: We have often explained the process a wine goes through to get a medal and possibly a Trophy at the New Zealand International Wine Show.

Step 1. The wine is judged by a 3 person team of senior judges, they determine if the wine is no award, bronze, silver or potential gold medal. This is about the same level of process that applies to wine critics, wine writers, wine reviewers – and it’s the opinion of just one person on most occasions.

Step 2. All the wines for potential gold are rejudged by the original panel plus a team of Chief Judges – Bob Campbell MW and 3 Assistant Chief Judges – Larry McKenna, John Hancock and Tony Bish – that’s about 200 years of combined judging experience in the 7 senior judges.

Step 3. The 7 person team is then required to vote on whether they regard the wine worthy of a gold medal or silver medal. Majority rules apply which determines the medal. For the wine to be awarded a Double Gold medal the voting from the 7 judges needs to be unanimous.

Step 4. The judges then vote on which wine from that flight is their top selection. That one wine becomes the top wine and will go forward for Trophy consideration.

Step 5. With a variety as big as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Pinot Noir there could be as many as 10 flights so the top 10 wines would be re-judged and the judges would vote, in writing for their top selection – without discussion. That’s how a wine gets a Trophy.

And after all of this judging, rejudging, voting twice, the judges still only know the variety, there is no knowledge of price, region of origin, label or vintage – it’s all down to the quality in the glass – on the day.

Wines can regularly have variations, often not explainable but we do get judging samples arriving that have clearly been sitting out on warehouse shelves (for some time) and those will be the worst wines to be sent to a competition. They may be “tired” examples of a wine that on it’s day, should do better.

So you can see there’s a lot involved in judging wines in a competition and the 2023 New Zealand International Wine Show with it’s 1700+ entries is a lot of work but enjoyable and rewarding.

To view all wines awarded a medal in this year’s competition visit:

NZ International Wine Show 2022 Microphone


Now that the medal results have been advised to all the wineries, applications for tickets for this annual event are flooding in. This evening is not just for wineries and members of the wine industry, it is your chance to join winemakers from all around the country and experience and enjoy an amazing range of local and international wine.

There is good news for Chardonnay fans, there will be 47 gold and double gold medal winning wines. And news is all positive for Pinot Noir people – there will be 40 stunning wines on the tables. From Champagne to Ports and everything inbetween. It is the wine tasting and wine Awards Event of the year.

Crowne Plaza Hotel 128 Albert St Auckland on Friday 13th October.

6:00-9:30pm Gold & Double Gold Medal wine tasting.
7.15-8.30pm Presentation of the 25 Trophies and the Sir George Fistonich Medal. Cocktail buffet.
Dress, Business Suit / Cocktail & The event is not restricted to the wine trade.
Tickets are available and are selling fast!
Buy now below or fill out a registration form here and email through to
Tickets $90 Per Person

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