Save the Date, Organic Wine Week, Join the Revolution

Join the Organic Revolution – Organic Wine Week is a celebration of all things organic and was created to raise awareness for organic wine and bring it front and centre in the world of wine.

Organic Wine Week New Zealand Flyer

Now in its sixth consecutive year, the week-long celebration will see wineries, distributors, influencers, restaurants, and retailers come together throughout New Zealand to showcase and communicate the importance and quality of organic wine and emphasise its positive impact on people and the planet.

With consumers continuing to make environmental choices and a huge upswing in demand for organic wine, there’s never been a better time to join the organic wine revolution.

Organic Wine Week takes place 18-24 September and is centred around the Spring Equinox. A calendar of events will be live on their website from August. For more information visit:

Organic Winegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ) is a grower-led organisation dedicated to supporting organic winegrowing. Our members are passionate about sharing their love of organic and biodynamic wine.

We share New Zealand organic and biodynamically grown wines with the world, and engage in research, education and networking to help growers thrive organically.

Organic wine production is strong in New Zealand. Currently over 10% of New Zealand wineries hold organic certification, including many of the country’s most respected and awarded wine producers.

Organic Wine Week New Zealand Poster
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