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Sparkling wines are fast becoming a standout within the wine industry, with an increased uptake in consumption in local and international markets. At present, the wine industry is competing with the increasing ready-to-drink spirit (RTD) market, however sparkling is bucking the trend with increased consumption in both traditional bottle and convenience packaging sizes.

Whilst sparkling is increasing, the demand in New Zealand for champagne is decreasing, as we see the increase in preference and demand for New Zealand Sparkling Wines.

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Méthode Marlborough, a provenance grower-led society committed to the production of world class sparkling, is at the forefront of this sparkling wine renaissance. They are committed to crafting world-class sparkling wine using traditional methods, which includes the crucial secondary fermentation in the bottle, followed by the intricate riddling and disgorging process—a process akin to champagne production.

Melinda Skinner, Chair of Méthode Marlborough, passionately states, “Méthode Marlborough members create incredible sparkling’s, ranging from fresh and vibrant non-vintages to complex, multi-layered vintage méthodes, perfect for year-round indulgence. All Méthode Marlborough sparkling’s are aged on lees for a minimum of 18 months, with an average aging period of 3 years.”

In a world where nearly everything is instant, Méthode Traditionnelle is crafted and takes time and patience. Time is a luxury but creating luxurious wines takes time. Méthode Marlborough wines are meticulously crafted to be savoured, shared, and to create enduring memories.

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For Méthode Marlborough wines, nothing is rushed. Their grapes are grown 100% within Marlborough to ensure that they have an ideal growing environment and are of the highest quality. Provenance is of utmost importance and a fundamental criterion for Méthode Marlborough membership. The society is also unwavering in its commitment to tradition and authenticity, with secondary fermentation taking place within the bottle.

Internationally, markets like the United States of America are witnessing a remarkable 6% increase in sales of domestic sparkling wines, particularly those priced at $15 ($25 NZD) and above. More importantly, the increase in sparkling consumption is because sparkling wine is no longer viewed as for only special or celebratory events but can be enjoyed all year round. This change in mindset is slowly occurring all over the world, as people are viewing sparkling a serious wine that can be consumed in the same manner still wines are.

Melinda Skinner elaborates, “Méthode Marlborough produce sparkling wines that cover nearly all styles on the continuum of Méthode Traditionnelle. From zero dosage, extra brut, brut through to sec styles” stated Mel Skinner. “They also include Blanc de Blanc and 100% pinot noir styles plus various blend combinations of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and/or Pinot Meunier. This provides consumers a large diversity of wines to choose from.” Méthode Traditionnelle in New Zealand continues to gain momentum and demand.

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Méthode Marlborough Members:

Esses Wines
Hunter’s Wines
Johanneshof Cellars
LV Wines
Nautilus Estate
No1 Family Estate
Pernod Ricard (Deutz)
Saint Clair Family Estate
Spy Valley Wines
Tohu Wines
Whitehaven Wines
Wither Hills (Daniel Le Brun)

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About Méthode Marlborough:

Méthode Marlborough is a collaborative group of wineries dedicated to producing world-class sparkling wine from the vast range available in New Zealand. All Méthode Marlborough wines are made in the traditional method, with the second fermentation occurring in the bottle, followed by meticulous riddling and disgorging processes. This produces wines with a fine and persistent bead.

Additionally, all these wines are aged for a minimum of 18 months before disgorging, allowing for the development of complex flavours that balance fresh and fruit-driven character with savoury notes of toast and brioche. Méthode Marlborough is dedicated to making and promoting wines made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, internationally recognized as a benchmark style by sparkling wine producers around the world.

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