Taste of Summer Arrives with Rockburn Stolen Kiss Rosé 2023

The first taste of summer is about to arrive with the highly anticipated Rockburn ‘Stolen Kiss’ Rosé, returning to shelves for its 17th year. It all started with a ‘stolen kiss’ back in 2006 with winemaker Malcolm Rees-Francis ‘stole’ some Pinot Noir grapes that that were destined for Rockburn’s flagship Central Otago Pinot Noir, turning it into one of New Zealand’s most premium and sought after rosé wines.

Rockburn Stolen Kiss 2023

After a missed vintage in 2007, resulting in public outcry for the lack of Rockburn Stolen Kiss, the cult wine has been consistently produced every year since. This year, the highly anticipated rosé releases its smoothest, most palatable rosé to date, filled with fruity aromas that make this the perfect pour for New Zealand’s long-awaited summertime.

The sweetly frivolous and fruity side of Central Otago Pinot Noir is bound up in this bottle of Stolen Kiss Rosé. Once unleashed into your glass its candy-floss and crème-brûlée aromas sashay into a flirtatious toffee-apple and simmering strawberry palate smeared with cherry lip-gloss.

Rockburn Wines winemaker, Malcolm Rees-Francis says, “During fermentation the intensity of the 2023 Stolen Kiss could not be contained by the winery, we could smell it halfway down the driveway; so approach with caution. One sniff may knock your socks off.”

Stolen Kiss Rosé 2023 will be available in selected fine wine stores, restaurants, Rockburn’s Cellar Door and online via rockburn.co.nz from 21st September 2023. (RRP: $32.00 750ml bottle | $69.00 limited edition magnum).

Head over to https://www.rockburn.co.nz/ to secure your Stolen Kiss!

Celebrate the #firstkissofsummer with Rockburn Wines on Instagram @rockburnwines and Facebook @RockburnWineNZ

About Rockburn Wines: Rockburn takes its name from the rugged, rock-strewn, burn-scarred landscape of Central Otago. The boutique producer has two vineyards, one on the Gibbston Back Road in Gibbston, and the other at Parkburn (Lowburn) in the Cromwell Basin with its exclusive own Winery based in Ripponvale, in the foothills of Cromwell.

The Rockburn Stables, Cellar Door and tasting room, is situated next to the Gibbston Tavern. It is close to Rockburn’s Gibbston Back Road Vineyard and Queenstown – New Zealands’ premier tourism destination. Rockburn not only produces Rose of stunning quality but also award-winning Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

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